MODEL NO. DOS-Z300-820/6400



System Type: Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric
Aperture: 12 Inches (300 mm) Clear Aperture
Focus: Remotely Operated - 1000 ft. thru Infinity
Focal Length: Continuously Variable - 32 inches (820 mm) thru 252 inches (6400 mm). Tell back of Zoom Position and exact E.F.L. is available via RS-422 serial communications.
Geometrical f Ratio: f/2.73 @ 32 inches E.F.L and linearly variable thru f/21.3 @ 252 inches E.F.L.
Neutral Density Filter System: Continuous - Clear thru 4.0 N.D. Serves as Auto-Iris with Manual Over-Ride, or Operator Controlled Illumination.
System Power: 24 V D C
Illuminated Projected Reticle: Reticle pattern only appears when activated by operator.   Illumination  is Variable.
Optical Front End: Aluminum construction - ruggedized to withstand shockloads of 10 G's.


Optional Features Available:

6 Port Spectral Filter Wheel
Fully Sealed and Pressurized System

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