System Type: Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric
Aperture: 8 Inches (200 mm) Clear Aperture
Focus: Remotely Operated - 75 Meters thru Infinity
Focal Length: 6 Step Zoom, Remotely Selectable, All Parfocal. 450 mm f/2.25, 760 mm f/3.8, 1290 mm f/6.45, 2200 mm f/11, 3100 mm f/15.5 and 4000 mm f/20
Neutral Density Filter System: Continuous -Clear thru 4.0 N.D. Serves as Auto-Iris with Manual Over-Ride, Or  Operator Controlled Illumination.
System Power: 12 V D C Electronic Microprocessor Controled with RS 422 Serial Communications. Position Data for Zoom and Focus is Available and System is ideally suited for Preset Applications.
Outside Dimensions: 33" Long 12" High 10 1\2" Wide
Weight: Approx. 75 Lbs.