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Company History

Davro Optical Systems, (DOS) was founded in 1981 with the primary purpose to design and manufacture electro-optical systems for government and industry. The company has gained world wide recognition as one of the foremost suppliers of long distant surveillance systems and electro-optical tracking equipment for Test Range Instrumentation. Over the years DOS has been privileged to serve and furnish optical systems to many varied agencies such as the FBI, NASA, NSA, CIA, IRS, Eglin AFB, Patrick AFB, US Army Yuma Proving Grounds, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Edwards AFB, Naval Weapons Center-China Lake Spawar Systems Center and many others too numerous to mention. Some of our Foreign customers include agencies in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Israel, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Taiwan, and Singapore.






Product Information

Davro Optical Systems is a leading manufacturer of optical systems used in long range surveillance, optical tracking, TV auto-track and star-calibration applications. D O S provides some of the most advanced electronically controlled ZOOM and VARIABLE focal length systems available in the world.

Single Fixed Focal Length Systems           Dual Focal Length Systems

Tri Focal Length Systems                          Zoom Systems

The Variations of systems DOS has available are far too numerous to illustrate so if a system is needed other than those listed, please contact us with the requirements, and in all probability they can be met.                                    





Surveillance Lenses

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Models photographed using a standard 50 mm camera lens at 300 ft.

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Models photographed at the same distance using a 4" aperture, 1650 mm f/15 DOS lens, demonstrates how
positive identification is easily obtained. The picture on the right is an enlarged view of the original negative. It should be noted that using the same lens system with CCTV camera systems, will produce even greater magnification of the scene.
DOS100MZ2 For T.V. Day/Night Surveillance
DOS100-6FL-EC   For Day and Night Covert T.V. Surveillance
DOS100-NDRZ-EC   For Day and Night Covert T.V. Surveillance
DOS100-NDRZ-EC-LW   For Day and Night Covert T.V. Surveillance Light Weight
DOS180-6FL-EC   For Day and Night Covert T.V. Surveillance
DOS180-NDRZ-EC For Day and Night Covert T.V. Surveillance
DOS200-6FL-EC For Day and Night Covert T.V. Surveillance
DOSZ300-500/3500 For Day and Night Covert T.V. Surveillance
DOS500-T2 For Low Light Surveillance


Tracking Lenses

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The Optical Tracking Instrumentation developed by D.O.S. is at the very cutting edge of. the industry's technology. Optical Systems are available for Boresighting, T.V Autotrack, Star Calibration, and for obtaining Quantitative Metric Data. Many of the models are.equipped with Serial Communications capability.


DOS-100DFL-20/40 Used for Optical Tracking and T.V. Autotrack
DOS-Z127-100/1000 Used for Star Calibration, Optical Tracking and T.V.Autotrack
DOS-180DFL-40/80 Used for Star Calibration, Optical Tracking and T.V.Autotrack
DOS-Z180-400/3000 Used for Star Calibration, Metric Data, Optical Tracking and T.V. Autotrack
DOS-Z200-530/4000 Used for Optical Tracking, T.V. Autotrack, and Metric Data
DOS-Z300-820/6400 Used for Very Long Distant Optical Tracking And T.V. Autotrack


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